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Dangerous heat moves into South Georgia


Heat indices soared above 100 across much of South Georgia this afternoon.  While we often deal with that kind of heat wave in the summer, that doesn't mean it's not dangerous.

As temperatures go above the ninety-degree mark, you need to make sure you take proper steps to stay cool.

"If you want to stay cool the best way to is to keep heavy clothes on, you'll sweat and as you sweat the mild breeze we do have will contribute to the cooling factor, and that's the way we've found that is the most effective way to stay cool in this type of weather," said Mike Strickland, owner of S&S Roofing. 

With heat indices well into the hundreds, it is important to be aware of heat related illnesses.

"Heat exhaustion ranges from anything from a weakness, headaches, nausea, and vomiting, also cramping and with that generally comes from people not being prepared," said Phillip Jackson Supervisor of Dougherty County EMS.

These symptoms can happen to anyone, but some of us are more susceptible than others.

"Are the elderly, younger people..children..also in particular people who are taking diuretics. Anything that is going to displace fluid from the body, they become more susceptible to dehydration," explained Phillip Jackson.

In order to beat the heat, stay hydrated, take breaks and wear proper clothing.


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