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Dougherty County ambulance involved in crash

A week after two South Georgia paramedics and a patient were killed in a crash, another wreck involving an ambulance left one injured.

It happened right outside the WALB-TV.

Police say a Dougherty County ambulance was responding to call with lights and sirens on Stuart Avenue. One car pulled off to the side but the car in front of it turned left onto Greenwood and into the path of the ambulance. It ended up striking a tree.

87-year-old Dorothy Peters was driving the Toyota Avalon and had to be taken to the hospital. The paramedics were taken for observation. Traffic enforcement officers are again urging motorists to take proper steps when a emergency vehicle is approaching.

"We're asking that people just be around of their surroundings," said Cpl. Jon Segroves of APD. "Anytime you move over to the side, be sure you look in your rear view mirrors before you move back into traffic or before you make a turn. It's just a safety issue."

Officers also urge motorist to keep their radios down so they can hear emergency sirens. No patient was on board the ambulance but another had to be called in to respond.

So far no charges have been filed.


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