VIewpoint: Be aware of emergency vehicles

The horrific crash that killed two South Georgia paramedics and their patient last week is a reminder of how important it is to react properly to emergency vehicles.

In the Irwin County crash, a driver headed in the opposite direction from the ambulance put on brakes.

The tractor trailer behind her couldn't stop and jackknifed into the path of the ambulance.

Georgia law states that all vehicles should yield the right of way until the emergency vehicle passes.

But, it's also important for drivers to exhibit situational awareness.

Take surroundings into account and be sure it's necessary for you to stop, then determine if you can stop without creating additional dangers.

Lawmakers need to re-visit the emergency vehicle law to insure it's clearly worded, and that Georgia drivers are properly educated on what to do in such situations.

We are grateful to the emergency workers who save our lives; it's dangerous work, and it's up to us to help keep them safe.

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