Open MRI & Imaging of Albany offers one of the most sophisticated CT scanners in SW Georgia; the Mx8000 CT Imaging System. Marconi's Mx8000, which opens the door to vastly improved medical care for patients, is the most significant and exciting advancement in multislice, multi-dector helical CT technology to date. The Mx8000 multislice CT system scans at breakthrough speed and produces image quality that is superior to other systems available today.

Because the Mx8000 can scan so quickly — even in a single breath — these patients now have access to technology that could be vital for timely and accurate diagnosis. This breathless speed is especially critical for trauma patients, where the speed with which the patient can be diagnosed and treated is often the difference between life and death. This speed also makes cardiac scanning a reality because images of the heart can be captured between beats.

In addition to high-speed acquisition, the Mx8000 is capable of reconstructing images in one-quarter the time of any scanner available. Further enhancing the significance of the ultra fast scan speed is the Mx8000's unprecedented image quality, providing detail never before seen in CT. Its other advantages are the elimination of motion artifact, imaging during the window of optimal contrast enhancement for maximal image contrast, and the ability to present images in any plane (multiplanar reconstruction).

CT technology allows clinicians to see very thin cross-sections — or slices — of the anatomy; the thinner the slice, the better the resolution. The Mx8000 captures slices that no other multislice scanner in the world can achieve. With unprecedented resolution, sub millimeter objects can be seen in all imaging planes.

Why multislice? Because multislice does everything better! The dual-slice Mx8000's expanded capabilities can be summarized using the acronym "R.S.V.P" for twice the Resolution, Speed, Volume, and Power versus traditional single-slice CT scanners.

This system can obtain four slices of information from the patient in three to five tenths of a second. Having the ability to obtain rapid scanning with the lowest does radiation possible is especially beneficial when the patient is an injured child or a patient with trauma or severe pain. In those cases, the best possible way to obtain the information needed is now available at Open MRI & Imaging of Albany. This multislice CT is a giant step ahead in technology, and we are pleased to be able to offer this to our community.

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