Mary Speir helps those who can't help themselves

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany senior citizen uses her generous spirit and her talent for baking to bring smiles to the faces of others. Mary Speir has spent years helping people dealing with difficult health problems.

Mary Speir the mother of eight has had difficult times in her life, rough times which may have caused some people to become bitter. But she chooses to look at the world with optimism and uses her spirit of giving to help those in need.

Mary Pier is used to caring for others.  She had eight children.  Two of them passed away, and their deaths prompted her to serve others.

"When you've been a mother of eight children and all the falls and everything, it makes you really want to help people," said Mary Speir.

And helping people is what she has done for years. One woman she helped, Gloria Greene needed assistance for a while because she had a knee replacement. Mary Speir came to her rescue to help.

"The minute I walked in there I knew I had to try, if I couldn't do it I would have to tell her, but we had a bond," said Mary.

A bond strengthened by sharing baked goods that Mary made. She shares her baked goods with many others who have medical complications.  She always looks for ways to help people in need because she places herself in their shoes always realizing it could be her one day.

"It makes me feel good because suppose that had been me and I was needing somebody and she had been my age or younger whatever and she had come to me and did the same thing for me wouldn't that be wonderful," said Mary.

And while money may be an issue for some people, to Mary, money is the least reason on her list of why she helps people.

"I didn't feel like I wanted her to pay me, for something I'm just thankful to do. We need to do things for other people that's not able to do for themselves," said Mary.

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