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Shoney's honors veterans with free meal

A south Georgia restaurant says thank you to veterans on this Memorial Day. Shoney's in Ashburn provided veterans with a free meal. The workers at the Shoney's in Ashburn worked their hardest to give to those who gave to us.

"It's give something back for what they've gave to us, you know they gave a lot to us and you know we need to give it back," said Leonard Griffin, General Manager Shoney's Ashburn.  

Shoney's in Ashburn provided all veterans with an All American burger, french fries, and a soda. Eating an All American burger on an American day of remembrance gives Willie Boone the opportunity to reflect and honor those who fought so bravely and never made it back on American soil. Willie Boone served in the Vietnam war as a Marine and lost some of his close friends.  

"It's just a joyful day where I can sit down and remember the one's that didn't come back most of all," says Willie Boone, Vietnam veteran.  

And while this day at Shoney's is a day to remember the troops he served beside, on other days Boone has to confront nightmares that take him back to the horrific days of serving in Vietnam.  

"As older as I get the more nightmares I have and a lot of them are not pleasant," said Boone. 

But today was not a day of nightmares for Boone but an afternoon of appreciation and empathy. 

"It make me feel real good, to know somebody that can't really feel what I feel but they are trying to make me feel more comfortable of what I feel, can't nobody feel what I feel, but they can make it a little smoother for you. Somebody I appreciate what you did and all, that goes a long ways," said Boone.  

Shoney's employees in Ashburn are happy that they succeeded in making one of our brave heroes feel at home.   

"It feels good that we succeeded at what we started to do, I mean we meant to make them welcome, make them feel at home, and make them feel that we're really trying to pay them back for what they did for us," said Griffin.  

Shoney's in Ashburn plans to honor our veterans again next year.

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