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'Green' house on the market


If you are in the market for a new home, Tifton has one you won't find anywhere else. After years of careful planning and construction, Tifton's Green House is now on the market.

And ironically, the house of the future is nestled in between two homes in Tifton's historic district, and it's designed to fit right in.

 In Tifton's historic district you'll find homes dating back to the 1900's, but one yellow house is very different.

"It's not normal at all, its definitely the house of the future.   said Mike Brumby Executive Director of the Tift County Foundation for Education Excellence. "It's built as a 200 year old building, that you virtually make no repairs."

It's built to look like the other homes in the neighborhood, but it's stands out. "It's the most energy efficient home in Georgia. From the landscaping to the toilets, everything is energy efficient," said Brumby. "I would make the argument that this is the best built home in Georgia."

Inside you'll find dozens of green features, like Solatube skylights, that bring in natural light. To Pecan Wood windowsills, made from local orchard trees no longer producing high yields.

Tifton's Green House, on the market this week, is part of Tifton's green project and it's been in the works for three years. It's one of only three green structures in Tifton.

"The whole idea behind the grant was to show you could do it in the private sector, government sector and the business sector. A Partnership between UGA, Moultrie Technical college and Tift County Foundation for Excellence, a grant was awarded to help students learn about living green."

They were looking for a 501c3 to sponsor it, because so much stuff is donated to project like this and Tift County Foundation for Education Excellence was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

And it was built buy students at Moultrie Technical College. officials say buying this home, is a win win. not only do you get a beautiful home, but it's zero energy, and it's a way to show support for your community. 

 The asking price is $220,000, but officials say a federal tax exemption will give you $30,000 back. Also because they are a 501 c3 it is possible to make part of your payment as a donation.

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