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Multiple agencies work to make Albany safe this summer


Law enforcement agencies in Albany and Dougherty County are teaming up and strategically hitting the streets to make sure you stay safe this summer.

Operation Takeback is a summer-long program to catch people with active warrants and clean up the streets.

Part of the operation will focus on housing projects.

Ole Thornton is one of many residents in the Golden Oaks Housing Project who says a coordinated police effort to clean up the streets of Albany and Housing developments across the city is a fantastic idea.

"They doing a very good job to come into our homes and take care of us. I think it's very safe to have them," said Thornton.

It's called Operation Takeback, officials from APD, DCP, the Sheriff's Office, even ASU and school police are partnering to take down criminals and take back the streets of Albany.

"We're basically looking to target certain areas. We're trying to cut back on the gang participation. We're trying to cut back on the gangs and robberies and all that stuff," said Lt. Keithen Hall with APD.

From now through next month, these agencies will be conducting road blocks, warrant searches and other plans to catch people with active warrants.

Police say now is a time where they see crime rise when school lets out for summer break and they won't leave any stone unturned to catch criminals.

"If we attack every aspect, even socially and physically, we should be able to touch everyone we need to touch," said Hall.

That even means residents in Public Housing. Authorities want to remind them if someone in the residence commits a crime, whoever lives in the house can be evicted.

Police say this is a warning period for fugitives to turn themselves in.

"We want to make a very strong impact and send a real serious message to individuals out there committing crimes that we are present and you will see us. We're knocking on your doors," said Hall.

As for Thornton, she says it's going to take more than just police efforts to make sure the operation is a success.

She says it going to take a community effort.

"We just have to work with people and people have to work with us to make us feel safe. If the people work together, we'll be safe," said Thornton.

The operation just kicked off, but police have already had road blocks that resulted in about 80 citations.

You're encouraged to assist authorities in this operation.

If you have any information that could lead to arrests, you can call crime stoppers at 436-tips.


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