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Ruptured water line at Marine Corps Logistics Base

Workers at the Marine Corps Logistics Base will be returning to work Friday. Many of the Marine base workers were sent home Thursday following a rupture to the bases main water line. One of the water towers on the Marine base usually holds about 500,000 gallons of water, and now the water some of the water towers once held now resides in ditches because of a rupture to the bases 16 inch water line.

About one million gallons of water poured into ditches around the Marine base. According to Marine base officials because there was no water for children, restrooms, firefighting capability, and boiler support, most workers were placed on administrative leave for the day.   

"Well it certainly impacts the mission of one of the main water line which was feeding the maintenance center. The most significant mission impact, so that was majority of the workers that had to be sent home," said Stuart Holland, Public Works Officer.  

The Marine base's Public Works Department figured out a way to solve the rupture problem, although there was no serious threat to anyone's safety.  

"There was no safety concerns specifically. Most of what the water feeds there is supplying water mainly to their production processes, steam, boilers, a lot of their production equipment. The water supply feeds a lot of their equipment there, but to the personnel themselves no danger, no threat," said Holland.  

Marine base officials are satisfied with the work that has been done in getting water restored on the base.  

"We certainly appreciate and are very proud of the work of the guys in the Public Works Department and the efforts they put in that in being able to find it, isolate it and very quickly once we found it to be able to get flow back to the production plant to be able to get them back to their operation," said Holland.  

The water system was back in operation late this morning. Base officials aren't sure yet the cost of the rupture, but they expect it to be significant.  

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