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Smash and grab burglars caught on surveillance video


Convenience store owners and managers express frustration after more smash and grab break ins overnight.

Two Dougherty County convenience stores were burglarized within 20 minutes early Thursday morning,

and one of those break ins was caught on surveillance video. Now Investigators are asking your help identifying those crooks.

Police arrested several people last week for breaking into one of these East Dougherty County stores, but early Thursday morning Investigators say bold crooks were back smashing down their doors. 

Take a look at the surveillance video from inside the Pitt Stop on Sylvester Road about 2:30 this morning. Two masked men batter down the plexiglass front door with a cinder block. They jump the counter. One grabs the cash register drawer, which has only a little change in it. The other man grabs about 20 packs of Newport cigarettes. They jump the counter again and run out. They are in and out in 19 seconds. 20 minutes later the Stop and Shop on Cordele Road is hit the same way.

Dougherty County Police Sgt. Chad Kirkpatrick said "Both stores were entered. There was a cinder block thrown through both of the glass doors at both stores."

The Pitt Stop has been hit by smash and grab burglars 3 times this year. The Stop N Shop five times in the last 6 months....including last week when three men were arrested. Frustrated owners did not want to talk on camera, but said it will cost several hundred dollars to fix the damaged doors. Now they wonder if they must spend hundreds more to put up bars or roll down safety doors over their store fronts to protect their businesses.

Regular customers worry about these repeated crimes.

Alan Williams said "I think there is something disgusting about it for real. When people come in and take stuff that don't belong to them, especially somebody that is in the neighborhood. And he's a real nice person."

Police are asking people in the community to see if they can recognize these burglars. The first one's mask came down as he jumped the counter. You can see part of his face.

Investigators say the man in the yellow mask is trying to hide his hair in dreads. They want you to look at this video, and see if you can identify these men. Investigators are trying to determine if they broke into both stores.

 Kirkpatrick said "It's a possibility. We don't know if the prior incident is related to this one or not."

They are hoping your information can help them find these smash and grab burglars.

The owners say it will cost several hundred dollars to fix their front doors, much more than the value of the property that was stolen. It's very frustrating for these store owners and managers. Dougherty County Police say convenience stores and businesses are not required to have surveillance cameras, but Police say they are very helpful in finding these crooks and preventing crimes.

If you can help identify the men in this break in, call CRIME STOPPERS at 436-TIPS. You could earn a reward.

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