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Soldier surprises son at Quitman Elementary


A south Georgia soldier is enjoying her first night with her family in months.

She returned to Quitman today after a 10-month deployment in Afghanistan. And she surprised her son and her mother at her little boy's school.

Thursday morning 4-year-old Jeremiah Edwards sang along with his Pre-K class for their end of the year program. Little did he and his grandmother know, his mom who he hadn't seen in 10 months was going to walk through the doors.

Private Tamika Edwards has spent the past year on Camp Sabalu Harrison in Afghanistan working as a supply specialist for the United States Army. She says she's waited for this day since the moment she deployed. "I just can't stop smiling, I'm like super excited to the point that I feel like I could just cry. I'm just so happy, I'm glad to be home."

Now with her little boy in her arms, she's ready for some quality time. "Whatever he wants to do, whenever, its just about him."

And for Jeremiah the feeling is mutual. "'What are you excited about? My mama.'"

Edwards' mom who's been taking care of Jeremiah during her deployment also had no idea her little girl was coming home today. "I'm just glad that she's back, I'm happy. Thank you for serving our country, I love you. 'I love you too,"" said Cynthia King.

Edwards just re-enlisted in the Army for another six years. She says she's thankful to have a career where she can provide for her family. "Not only am I doing it for my country, but I'm doing it for them more. So it makes me feel even better about myself that I'm doing it for them."

Edwards says she expects future deployments but she's now better prepared to take them on.

Jeremiah says he can't wait to play hide and seek and go bowling with his mom.

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