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Americus hospital feels Oklahoma's pain

Marketing Director Marcus Johnson Marketing Director Marcus Johnson
Phoebe Sumter Phoebe Sumter
R.N. Martha Augood was working at the hospital when the tornado struck R.N. Martha Augood was working at the hospital when the tornado struck

In 2007, Phoebe Sumter Medical Center was in the same situation Moore Medical in Oklahoma is in now. Phoebe Sumter is taking up funds and signing a banner to send to Moore, Oklahoma Medical next week.

Moore Medical in Oklahoma took a hit from the EF5 tornado they hit Moore, Oklahoma on Monday. Parts of their hospital were destroyed and had to move patients to another hospital. Phoebe Sumter knows all to well what it's like to be without, so their doing their part in the relief efforts.

"Hospitals are like a fraternity in itself. So if one hospital is damaged, it's just like when we got hit, we heard from a lot of hospitals all over the United States. We're just trying to return the favor," said Marketing Director Marcus Johnson.

Six years ago, an EF3 tornado struck southwest Georgia and completely destroyed Phoebe Sumter. This is a picture of the hospitals side by side showing the damages each one received from tornadoes.

R.N. Martha Augood was working at the hospital when the tornado struck Phoebe Sumter. She remembers all to well how this banner helped her get through this devastating ordeal.

"This poster here just brings it all back to us. I remember coming in seeing the poster on the side of the wall when we were in our makeshift tents. It was sent to us from tornado victims on the Gulf Coast. And it just meant so much to all of us," said Augood.

Marcus Johnson says the day after the tornadoes in Oklahoma they decided immediately that this is the best way to help the employees of Moore Medical.

"We just want them to know that somebody is thinking about them and praying for them. We've been where they have been. And we are living proof that you can bounce back from it," said Johnson.

Johnson says they also plan to stay in touch with Moore Medical and hopes they can make a trip to Oklahoma in the future.

By the time the banner is sent off to Oklahoma next week, the hospital is hoping to have at least 300 signatures from the medical staff and anyone else who wants to sign it.

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