Viewpoint: Stay safe on the waves

The unofficial start of summer is almost here. That means the boating season's about to start. It's time to change up the battery, pump up the tires on the trailer, and make sure the motor starts.

It's also time to be sure to follow the new boating and drinking law.

We have the same blood alcohol level for operating a boat that we do for operating a car: .08.

We support this long overdue restriction. The lakes will be full of watercraft of all types, and they don't have seatbelts, airbags, or even brakes.

When you're operating a boat, you're in the sun, the boat is bouncing on the water, and the effects of alcohol will be increased by those factors.

Being absolutely sober is the best way to have fun on the water, and to stay safe.

Let's keep that in mind, so everyone will have a BON VOAGE'!