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Disaster plans for your pet

Disaster plan for your pet

How would you save your pets life if a tornado touched down here in South Georgia? Tuesday's tornado ripped through Oklahoma taking 24 lives, and today families are still searching for their belongings and pets that were lost during the storm  

"Well of course animals always sense something is going on before we do and so they are going to be scared and a lot of times animals will run off if it's a big thunderstorm," said Gail Olson, Sumter Humane Society.  

If you ever lose your cat or dog in the event of a tornado you can always count on a microchip that will help locate your dog or cat wherever they are. Officials also say to keep your pet safe, bring them with you to your safe space.  

"Take them with you, just keeping them with you is the most important thing, if you can. You know it's just like you prepare yourself for emergencies. You gotta prepare your pets for an emergency, you know it's a horrible thing when you lose your animals because of a storm, it's just trying to keep them safe," said Olson.

You can purchase a micro chip by contacting your local humane society. To locate an office near you, go to www.georgiahumanesociety.org  

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