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Social media helps connect families in GA and OK

Some folks in South Georgia frantically tried to get in touch with loved ones who live near the destruction in Oklahoma.

Leesburg's Wendy Mathis has a brother who lives in Oklahoma City and works in Bethany just 10 miles north of Moore.

She watched the devastation unfold on TV and began texting her brother, John Gillespie.  She found out through social media her family was okay.

"You kind of go in panic mode for awhile. And in the meantime, my niece who also lives in Oklahoma City had posted on Facebook that they were all ok and they were safe. And then shortly after I got a text from him, letting us know he was ok too, which was a relief," said Mathis.

"She I guess had sent out information to her contacts, her friends that everyone was safe. And it's just always an immediate relief whenever you know that people have been in touch with one another. It is amazing these days how that instant communication, not only can bring a sense of relief but it can even send out warnings and concerns as to what may be coming," said Gillespie.

Mathis says social media can be great tools in emergency situations.

"It was just such a relief whenever we knew that he was ok. Because we have friends and family all over the country, so of course just like anyone else, Facebook and Twitter is a great resource to use. And we first were relieved whenever my niece posted on facebook that they were all ok," said Mathis.


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