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Cell phones stolen from Mitchell Co. school


Investigators are trying to find some clues as to who took nearly two dozen cell phones from a Mitchell County School.

Pictures of the Baconton Community Charter School file room show where students cell phones are usually kept. The schools policy is if a child is caught with their phone anytime during school hours, it's taken from them and returned at the end of the school year.

Investigators say they were notified Monday afternoon by school officials, that about 20 cell phones, kept in a box in the schools file room, were stolen.

"A school official had to go in to get paper for a copy machine, went into the file room, came out, another school official went into the file room to get paper and that's when she noticed that the locking device on the door had been tampered with. She got to looking around and eventually noticed the phones inside that box were missing," said Investigator Melvin Ray.

Each cell phone was kept in an envelope with the student's name on it. Investigator Ray says the school changed the locks on the door and notified parents of the missing phones.

"This is not the first time the office had been broken into. It has been burglarized in the past where money boxes had been taken. So were treating it just like those other investigations," said Investigator Melvin Ray.

There were signs of forced entry into the file room, where the phones were kept.  The school has no surveillance cameras.

"The main victims in this is the school and then the subsequent victims are the owners of the phones," said Investigator Melvin Ray.

Investigators are talking with members of the school, but have not named a suspect yet.

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