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4-year-old injured in car wreck remains hospitalized


A 4-year old Sumter County girl remains hospitalized in Macon after suffering serious injuries after investigators say she was kidnapped and then seriously injured in a wreck.

The little girl's grandmother has custody. Thursday, her mother took the child. They were both hurt in a crash in Dodge County.

Mi-kurhea Mumford had been living with her grandmother for some time. Her aunt says she loved being with her grandmother.

Yesterday, Mi-kurhea's mom came for a visit. Investigators say that visit quickly turned into a crime.

Naomi Gardner says her niece was taken from her home where she feels safe and happy.

Sumter County officials say Thursday morning, Mi-kurhea Mumford was taken by her mother, who does not have custody.

Gardner says she in shocked and is still trying to figure out what would make her sister, 24-year-old, Priscilla Hurt do such a thing.

"I really don't know, don't nobody know," said Naomi Gardner.

Mi-kurhea Mumford's grandmother has temporary custody of her until her mother can get her life back on track.

Naomi says she was at the home when Mi-kurhea went missing, but the grandmother had already left for work.

"She just came over here one night and was just saying she want to come home. So my mother let her come back home. And on that morning, which was yesterday morning, I had went to the bathroom and I came back. That's when my niece and my sister were gone," said Naomi Gardner.

Investigators say while Priscilla was on the run with Mi-kurhea. They were in a car wreck in Dodge County. Mi-kurhea suffered several injuries and was airlifted to a Macon Hospital.

Naomi says her niece suffered a concussion, but is doing much better. She's ready for her to come home and play with her toys.

"I'll tell her, "auntie love her". And I miss her. And hope she be okay," said Naomi Gardner.

The aunt says the grandmother is staying with Mi-kurhea until she comes home from the hospital.

Naomi believes her sister was heading to Atlanta for some reason.

Priscilla Hurt is now in custody at the Sumter County Jail. Right now, Hurt is charged with kidnapping. Americus Police are still investigating.

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