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Reward offered for stolen heirloom


A Dougherty County woman is offering a reward for the return of a rare coin.

The 1923 $20 gold medallion may be worth as much as $25,000. The owner says it has great sentimental value to her. She's asking whoever has it to return it.

Martha Ann Long said her gold medallion coin was a special gift handed down through her family and now she is offering $1,000 no questions asked, to try to get her precious heirloom back.

 Long reported her gold medallion and two other pieces of jewelry missing April 1st. It's a 1923 Augustus Saint-Gaudens double eagle, described by historians as America's most beautiful coin.

Long says the theft has had a big impact. "I can not sleep at night because of it."

Long had the gold medallion made into a necklace, with a 20 inch gold chain, but seldom wore it. She says it's value is estimated at $25,000.

"But the money isn't what I'm really concerned about. I want the coin back. Because it was mine to begin with, you know it was a gift. It was in my family a long time."

Long had planned to hand the medallion down to her son. She kept it, another necklace and a silver anklet in a chest drawer at her home, but this spring they went missing. After searches of the home she called police.

"There was no signs of forced entry to the residence," Dougherty County Police Sgt. Chad Kirkpatrick said. "She believes it may have been someone that had been in her house prior. We're investigating that avenue."

Long says she and her husband have contacted every area pawn shop, gold and coin dealer searching for her medallion. "I've been all over Leesburg and Albany. I'm sure we missed a few but we did try."

Long said Now she is offering a one thousand dollar reward, hoping whoever has it will return it. "No questions asked. Just bring it back. If they want to keep the other necklace and the anklet, they can keep it. But I would like the medallion."

Now she is hoping that her reward offer will help her get it back. Long says she hopes going public will help find her stolen medallion, doing all she can to have this treasured family heirloom returned to her.

If you have any information about the missing medallion, call Dougherty County Police at 430-6600.


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