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Students become 'Mayor for a Day'

Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard
Olivia Higgins wrote about the Ray Charles statue Olivia Higgins wrote about the Ray Charles statue

What would you do if you were the mayor? That's the question Albany sixth graders answered in essays.

Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard honored more than 30 Merry Acres Middle School students who took part in the essay contest. Students suggested making Albany a better tourist attraction and encouraging every citizen to get an education.

One student even wrote she would clean up the Ray Charles statue. And Mayor Hubbard read that essay, she made sure the statue was cleaned.

"I was thinking and I was like 'yeah we should make sure that it's clean because we don't want it to get dirty. And we don't want everybody to be like 'oh it's dirty now we don't need to go see it and stuff,' so I wrote in my paper oh we should make sure its clean so they went and cleaned it," said Olivia Higgins said.

"This is one of the things that I get to do that I really enjoy. Seeing young people mature, become good citizens and we instill in them at an early age then it's going to go with them, it's going to be something they use all their lives so I am just so proud to be recognizing them today," said the Mayor.

Kalun Brown from Hutto Middle School in Bainbridge was one of 12 regional winners in the statewide contest.

Kalun got $250 and joined the 11 other winners with their parents, teachers, and mayors at a luncheon in Atlanta for a luncheon.


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