Viewpoint: Take your meds properly

As we get older, many of us find ourselves needing to take a daily dose of a prescription medicine to keep our bodies working efficiently.

Public health researchers at Brown University found in a study that doctors are over prescribing high risk drugs to older adults.

High risk drugs that can carry severe side effects.

Even more startling is the Brown University researchers say the practice happens here in Albany more than other city in the nation.

While a local pharmacist says half of the drugs on the list from the Brown study are no longer on the market, the research should serve as a reminder to all of us.

To make sure we know what the medicine we take does to our bodies and the potential harm it could do.

Yes, our family doctors are very capable and prescribe medicine they believe will help the health of their patients.

But with the internet, it is now very easy for all of us to do our own research so that we can all have a sound peace of mind when we are taking our daily medicine.