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Scuba Olympics coming to Albany


Scuba divers are gearing up this weekend for an intense competition, which also helps out a noble cause right here in Albany.

The Dive Shop is holding their second annual Scuba Olympics this Saturday, for experienced and uncertified divers at YMCA's Outdoor Park on Gillionville Road.

A race with a ping pong ball on a spoon, a three legged race, or simply blowing up a balloon might all seem like easy tasks.

But 10 or 12 feet underwater, it might get a little more difficult.

"Water is 600 times more dense than air, so it makes moving a little bit more difficult," said Steve Lunsford, owner of The Dive Shop.

Those are the kinds of games certified scuba divers will be competing in this weekend at the YMCA outdoor park Saturday.

And no matter your age, one thing is certain that it will be a unique event for Albany for folks of all ages.

"A lot of good humored competition, a lot of ribbing, a lot of competition, but hey, a teenager can do it just as good as a senior citizen or anybody," said Lunsford.

All divers are invited to hone their skills try scuba gear out in the water, and raise money for the Best Friends Human Society.

Then there will be a treasure hunt at the end with the diver's masks blacked out, to find tokens worth thousands of dollars in prizes.

But for folks who aren't certified and want to test the deep waters out.

"You don't have to have anything. Just bring yourself and some swim trunks and we'll get you in the pool and set you up on scuba gear and let you try it," said Lunsford.

Around 50 divers showed up for last year's first event, but of course they're hoping more will turn out this year.

Admission is 15 dollars, and it's from nine Saturday morning to four that afternoon.

Proceeds will help the animals at Worth County's Best Friend Human Society.


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