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South Georgians take on Bibles returned to state park rooms


Governor Nathan Deal orders bibles put back in lodge rooms and cabins in Georgia state parks after they were removed because of a complaint from a citizen.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources leaders say they ordered parks to remove Bibles until they fully investigate the issue and make an informed decision.

We talked with South Georgians who agree with the Governor and say the Bibles should go back.

Regina Wakefield does more than just clean rooms. As a hotel housekeeper, she's responsible for making sure guests have everything they need.

"We have to make sure the bible is neatly in the drawer next to the phone book so if they want to reach over and read it while they are laying they can do so," said Regina Wakefield, a hotel housekeeper.

Wakefield says the majority of the guests staying at the hotel do read the Bible.

"When I do my housekpeeping I find a lot of the bibles be out here, or on the desk. I'd say 85 to 90 percent do read the bible," said Regina Wakefield.

Nowadays, most travelers expect to find a bible in their hotel or cabin.

"When they get ready to depart, they like to read the bible, they like to have their little prayer to have a safe trip back home," said Regina Wakefield.

Often times, they forgo packing the family bible because of it.

"It's comforting to them to come to a room and read the bible," said Regina Wakefield.

But a complaint from a guest prompted officials with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to order state parks staff to remove Bibles from all cabins and lodge rooms until they investigate the issue.

But this afternoon, Governor Deal ordered all those bibles be quickly returned to rooms at state parks.

Although this incident does not involve Wakefield's  hotel, she says it's a guest's freedom of choice.

"Just cause the bible here, doesn't mean they have to pick it up, they have the choice if they want to pick it up, and read," said Regina Wakefield.

The governor says the decision to remove the bibles was made by the commissioner in an attempt to avoid litigation.

However, Deal said he was not in favor of the bibles being removed. 


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