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Safety arrows can save lives on the road


The Crisp County Sheriff's Office has a new tool it's using to protect motorists and its deputies. It's called a 'safety arrow'.  Its powerful reflection is key in warning oncoming motorists of stranded vehicles or deputy cruisers on the side of the road at night.  

On a dark road, these safety arrows can be life savers.   "If you're stranded, or taking someone for gas, a lot of accidents occur because people going down the interstate or the road get mesmerized by what's going on. Well you ride up and catch this, and it shows you to pull over," said Crisp County Sheriff's Col. Billy Hancock.    

Crisp County Deputy Lisa Stocks and Col Billy Hancock are both former state troopers. They've seen their share of close calls on the side of the road, despite the 'move over' law.  

"You have so many people who do not go along with that law, so this will help a lot to eliminate the darkness," said Crisp County Sheriff's Deputy Lisa Stocks.    

Right now every deputy has one of the safety arrows in their cruiser. As opposed to emergency lights or flashers, it warns oncoming motorists or stranded vehicles to use caution, or on the interstate to move over.    

"If you're in town to get gas and leave your family there, I could put one of the on the back of it," said Hancock. "If we've got a tractor trailer broke down and he's got his triangles out, the next semi that goes by, is going to blow those triangles over. So we can loan him this, and he can put them on the trailer until the wrecker gets there. It lets you know that the car that's sitting there with the tail lights on isn't moving, it's stopped."  

It's designed by a trooper with safety in mind.   Crisp County may be the first sheriff's office in the state to use to the safety arrows.

They were invented by the same former Indiana trooper who developed stop sticks.


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