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Feline Sanctuary plans to build spay/neuter clinic


An average of 4.5 million cats are euthanized every year in this country.

One south Georgia no-kill cat shelter says it wants to help curb those numbers.

We see them in our yards, behind our businesses, and in the streets.

In south Georgia, feral cats are everywhere.

"We feel that this is a mission that needs to be done. It is a nearly epidemic situation currently in this community and others," said Miss Kitty Executive Director W. G. Jerry Henderson.

To help curb the overpopulation problem, the Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary in Thomasville plans to construct a stand alone spay and neuter clinic.

"The real problem is that there are stray cats on every street corner. Nearly everyone has had an experience with a stray cat or dog in their backyard and not knowing what to do with it," said Henderson.

While the Sanctuary is entirely run by volunteers, the new 1,067 square foot facility will have paid full-time employees.

"You can't have volunteer veterinarians. So there will be a Georgia licensed vet, a vet tech who assists the vet and will be licensed, and a vet assistant who assists both of them," said Henderson.

Henderson says they plan to perform around 5,000 surgeries a year.

"It'll be necessary for us to accomplish 15 surgeries a day to break even. Which might sound to many as a large number, but we know of facilities where 50 and 60 animals are spayed and neutered per day by one veterinarian."

And Henderson says this will be the only clinic of it's kind south of the Metro-Atlanta area.

"This will not only participate in helping the cats and small dogs in Thomasville and Thomas County, but also a 75 mile radius of Thomasville. Cities such as Albany, Tifton, Bainbridge, Valdosta."

The clinic vet will perform surgery on all cats for $50 and dogs weighing up to 35 pounds for $60.

The new facility will cost $100,000 to construct and equip.

You can send a tax deductible donation to PO Box 22, Thomasville, GA, 31799. Or you can drop off your donation at the shelter on Covington Avenue across from the Thomasville Rose Garden.


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