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Albany Police honor their fallen comrade

Chief Proctor reads the inscription on Fleming's plaque Chief Proctor reads the inscription on Fleming's plaque

Law enforcers in Albany and Dougherty County honored two fallen officers today as part of Law Enforcement Memorial Week.

The Albany Police Department dedicated a plaque in their muster room and in their museum in memory of Corporal Terry Lewis Flemming.

 "I think it's all together fitting that we acknowledge this piece of real estate in this building in honor of her," said APD Chief John Proctor.

The muster room is where they meet to start their shifts everyday. And it was Flemming's fellow officers who went to the Chief asking to honor her there.

  "They wanted to show how they feel. So that's the reason whey they got with the Chief and got with the Administration to say we need to do something more. Let's dedicate the muster room to Terry," Lt. Keithen Hall said.

Flemming was killed in a car crash as she chased two armed robbery suspects in October of 2011. She was 36 when she died, and was a five-year veteran of APD.

After the plaque dedication in the muster room, another plaque was hung in the Law Enforcement Center's museum to honor Flemming.

"It never gets any easier. In fact it gets harder. But to know that she dedicated her life to this community and tried to do the right thing to protect this city is enormous," Proctor said.

And as these officers honored Flemming, it reminded them the real meaning behind law enforcement memorial week.

  "We have to tell the young officers, to understand that it's rough out there. You might not get back home. But that's what we put our lives on the line for the community. You make sure they are safe," Hall said.

Terry Lewis Flemming was a well liked and respected officer, and today her fellow officers made sure she is not forgotten.

was survived by a husband and three sons. So many people attended her funeral service, it had to be held in the Civic Center, the only building in town large enough to hold them.

Six Albany Police Officers have died in the line of duty. The last was Officer Randy Brown in 1979, when he was shot and killed answering a domestic dispute call.


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