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Local tree trimmer saves family cat


An East Texas tree trimmer swooped in to save the day and rescue a Chapel Hill family's cat.

Five-month-old Tommy Boy spent nearly 48 hours about 45 feet from where he should be. His owners say they noticed him up in the tree on Wednesday.

"I noticed he was in the tree and I expected him to be able to come down. After all, he's a cat and got in the tree," said LaTriauna Anderson, whose four-year-old daughter Taliyah owns the cat. "So my grandma says, 'Triauna, cat's stuck in the tree, can't come down.' And I said, 'well Granny, he'll come down. Cats land on all fours, he'll be fine, in kind of a joking manner.'"

The family got a ladder and tried to get the wayward cat down themselves.

At one point Thursday, they even called the Arp Fire Department, but when they sprayed their hoses at Tommy Boy, he only climbed higher.

"It was frustrating, because at that point I felt like someone could have either gotten closer to him in the tree and we could have gotten him down a whole lot easier than him being at the very top of that tree and having to call someone in to get him down," Anderson said.

But a call to Tyler's Weems Tree and Landscape Service brought out Ben Poole, who strapped on his boots, climbed the family's ladder and started making his way up toward Tommy Boy.

Less than ten minutes later, Poole caught Tommy Boy, put him in a bag and brought him back down to his family.

"It was amazing. And he was swinging from limb from limb like Tarzan. It was amazing," Anderson said.

Tommy Boy got his ears scratched before heading back into his home, and Anderson says she's learned one important lesson.

"Tommy Boy, I don't think he'll go back in another tree," she said, laughing. "If he does, I might have to call Weems again."

Ben Poole declined to speak to us on camera, saying he was only happy to help a family in need.

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