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Albany YMCA aims to get kids healthy


Technology is everywhere and as more comes in, it gets harder to get kids motivated to step away from the games and get out.

They're now less likely to just walked outside to make their own adventures when now they can find them on a TV screen.

"The idea of being physically up and working out or being active is sort of a new concept for some of them. Where as people like myself grew up with it," Mary Ganzel, Albany YMCA Senior Program Director. "You didn't have that technology. Mom said go out and play in the back yard."

It is one reason some say causes the high obesity rates across the US.

But hope is not yet lost.  

The YMCA of Albany says it starts with parents to get kids engaged in sports teams, just playing outdoors or participating in events like their national YMCA Healthy Kids day.

"If the parents and the adults are becoming more educated and learn more about eating healthy and physically doing the activities they need to do, then the kids will become more inspired because they want to be like mom and dad," said Ganzel.

The event will offer information to parents about how they can get their kids active and eating right.

Along with games, a free outdoor pool and a one mile walk or run with the family.

"Because of the obesity rates and being able to teach kids how parents learn how to be more active with their kids, whether it's in their home, their backyard or taking them to the park," said Ganzel.

YMCA representatives say getting the kids out there is half the battle but one that could greatly affect their health.

YMCA's Healthy Kids day will be at the Sports Park on Gillionville Saturday from 11am to 1pm and you can take a swim in the outdoor pool for free from 10 that morning to 5 that night.

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