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Surveillance camera shows fur coat burglar


Albany Police are asking for you help identifying the man who kicked his way into a Sylvester Road drug store.

The burglar, dressed in a heavy coat with fur, rode up to the Rite-Aid at Five Points, on a bicycle early Tuesday morning.

Store surveillance video shows him pacing for a few seconds, tapping his foot against the glass, then he hauled off and kicked through the door.

You can see him duck into the store and once inside, he jumped over the counter.

You can see him looking at the cigarettes -- then he slipped out from behind the counter and headed down the store aisles.

Video shows him walk up and down the aisle of the store, pulling stuff off the self. Once he had what he wanted he threw it all on the counter and then jumped over it again -- he grabbed a bag and stuffed his loot in it.

Then he grabbed a few cartons of cigarettes and left through the door he entered.

Police hope someone out there will recognize this man and turn him in.


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