Viewpoint: If ObamaCare is good for the people...

Our national leaders have long been accused of living differently than they make us live.

They have their own retirement system, one that's not dependent on Social Security, and pays a lot better, to boot!

They also have their own healthcare system, that you have been paying for, going back generations.

Why shouldn't they get MediCare, or ObamaCare?

Rep. Tom Graves of Georgia's 14th District pointed this out recently.

You'll recall that ObamaCare passed by the slimmest of margins on a straight party-line vote, and the people who made this happen have their own system that ensures that they will never have to live with it.

We say if it's good enough for the American people, why isn't it good enough for the politicians who stuck US with it?

Graves says that Americans are rightly outraged, and we agree.

If ObamaCare is good for the people, it's good for ALL the people!