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Saggy Pants Ordinance enforced in Cairo


On a sidewalk. In a park. If you're on public property in Cairo, you better make sure your pants are pulled up.

"Nobody wants to see anybody's undergarments or any skin that is exposed that doesn't need to be exposed. Nobody wants to see that and we are doing it for the public. It is not anything for us," said Cpl. Chris Miller.

Late last year, the Cairo City Council voted to ban "saggy" pants within the city limits.

"People don't like to see other people's undergarments or skin exposed. Our ordinance states that you are not supposed to wear your pants, shorts, or skirts at three inches below your hip," said Miller.

With the ordinance now in full effect, police say violators are issued a warning for the first offense, and a fine for every subsequent offense.

"I'm glad they are coming up with the idea of a fine because anyone who wears their clothes half way off their behind should be fined. It is totally disrespectful," said Cairo Resident Michelle Bogan.

Bogan says she supports the ordinance "Why would you want to wear your clothes hanging off your behind in the public? That's what belts are made for."

And police say violations of the ordinance could become safety issues.

"You know if somebody is driving down the road and they are engrossed by somebody walking down the road with their pants hanging down, you know they may look over there and it may initially cause a wreck or something like that. I can see that happening," said Miller.

We did speak with one man off camera who says he disagrees with the ordinance.

He says it violates his freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Violators are issued a warning for the first offense, no less than a $25 fine on the second offense, and no more than $200 for each subsequent offense.


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