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Arrest made: Growing drug problem in Dawson

Dawson police cars Dawson police cars
Terrell County Sheriff cars Terrell County Sheriff cars
House where working meth lab was found House where working meth lab was found
Both are being held in custody Both are being held in custody
Tommy Poupard, Asst. Chief of Dawson Police Department Tommy Poupard, Asst. Chief of Dawson Police Department

Two people remain in the Terrell County Jail Wednesday, accused of running a meth lab in their home.

35-year-old Ryann Hancock and 29-year-old Nicholas Hancock were taken into custody when officers moved in on the lab last night and took the couple's young son out of the house.

Investigators said the suspects were cooking a small batch of meth in front of their three-year-old son when officers arrived on scene. 

Police said it's the latest example of what could be an increase of drug problems in Dawson. 

Right down the street from two churches, a working drug lab was cooking up a small batch of meth.

Dawson police drug enforcement officers had been watching the home at 327 North East 7th Avenue for drug activity.  They moved in to make their arrest Tuesday night at nine O-clock. And officers say they were surprised by what they found in the house.

"When they went in, they found a meth lab that was just in the process of starting to manufacture meth.  They arrested two adults and rescued a three-year-old from that house," said Asst. Chief Tommy Poupard, Dawson Police Department.

Officials said the couple was mostly cooking for personal use. 

"Really just a standard little operation they had going.  As far as the amount being manufactured, it was not a large quantity.  Probably enough for personal use and maybe one or two sales," said Poupard

After the suspects were taken into custody, Sylvester G.B.I. evaluated the lab and helped with the clean-up. But Dawson law enforcement is concerned about what could be a growing trend in the city.

"This is our second meth lab in the city limits in the last three months.  And for us that's significant because prior to that we had none," said Tommy Poupard.

The Terrell County Sheriff's Office helped serve the search warrant of the house.

Terrell County Fire Department and Terrell County E.M.S. were also at the house because of dangerous conditions of the lab.

"They're such a volatile environment, then you get high stressor such as a search warrant, things can go bad really fast.  So we'd rather have them on hand and not need them, then vice-versa," Tommy Poupard. 

Poupard urges anyone witnessing any illegal activity to notify the police. Police said the suspects are not linked to any drug rings or gang activity.

Poupard thanked fellow law enforcement agencies on their help with this arrest which resulted in no injuries.

The child was placed with relatives after the arrest.

The suspects are charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamines and Child Endangerment.


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