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Countdown is on for Lee Chick-fil-A


A parking lot in Lee County is a campground Wednesday night.

Excited people from all over the country pitched their tents to be the first through the doors when a new Chick-fil-A opens in the Thursday morning.

Each time the company opens a new restaurant they give away a year's worth of Chick-fil-A sandwiches to the first 100 customers.

Samantha Matthews says it's her first time coming to a Chick-fil-A opening. She and her friends made the 5 hour drive from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to see what the hype was about.

"My roommate went last year and said it was one of the funniest days of her life. So I wanted to come experience of one the funniest days of her life," said Samantha Mathews.

Veteran Joan Miller and her husband made it to the parking lot at 4 a.m. Joan was on her way to her winter home in Indiana when she heard about the new opening and decided to take a detour and get some chicken.

"We like all the activities that you do and everybody is extra nice. So we just have a lot of fun so we really enjoy doing it. We understand it's mostly college kids and as the older ones, he's 82 and I'm 83 so we been doing this for 7 or 8 years," said Joan Miller.

While people are waiting for doors to open at 6 a.m., people are playing ultimate Frisbee and corn hole to pass the time.

Then there's the game four squares and others choose to catch up on some sleep.

Some folks marked their place in the lot before sunrise. Entertainment, security and plenty of Chick-fil-A food helped to make the party more comfortable.

"I'm just amazed at the fact it looks almost like a little city. It looks like those beach resort places, those RV places and camping places that you go to. It just don't have the sun, the sand and jellyfish that kind of thing," said Anna Wari.

Wari says people in Lee County are excited about Chick-fil-a in the area. Pretty soon, these people will get free Chick-fil-A for a whole year.

This is the 10th anniversary for these big Chick Fil-A grand opening celebrations. The Chick-fil-A meal cards will be passed out around 6 a-m., then the restaurant will open to the public.

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