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Fathers have strong emotions following murder arrests


Tragic killings produced strong emotions in the families of the young men whose lives were taken. The father of one of the victims says he is relieved by the arrests. The father of one of the men charged with murder is heartbroken.

Willie Williams, father of murder victim Desmond Williams, said he and his wife broke down and cried when Investigators called at 2:00 Thursday morning to tell them four men were now charged with his son's death and in jail.

"This kinda bring closure to it," said Williams.  "You know, what happened to my son. And I just prayed that whoever done this to my child be brought to justice."

Williams said he was in bed when his 20 year old son and friend William Davis were killed in a hail of bullets fired in front of their home from a passing car. Witnesses said their were about 50 shots fired. Williams said one of the bullets went through the wall and just past his head. His son was hit once and died on the way to the hospital.

 Williams said "He was everything to me. It really hurt. It's hard living here without him."

Across the river Harold Lawrence's says he can't understand why his son, 20 year old Harrell Hicks, has been charged in the murders.

Lawrence said "Really to be honest with you, I really don't know. But I know my son hasn't did anything. And I be glad when they let my son go, and find out who did it."

Lawrence said his son is not a gang member, is not friends with the other three men charged in the murder, and he is trying to figure out what to do to help him.

Lawrence said "I need to really, really find out something. And I'd appreciate it if somebody send somebody to talk to me. That's going to help men and my family in this situation we in."

Williams said he wants the four to receive justice.

Williams said "It wouldn't bother me if they seek the death penalty for them. You know what I mean. That's just how I feel about it. I mean this is the only child my wife and I had, together."

Two fathers and families torn apart by the tragic murders, and now arrests.

Lawrence said his son Harrell's last name is really Lawrence. Police say Hicks is his real name, and Lawrence an alias. The father said he hopes his arrest is also a mistake that police will correct.

All four of the young men are being held in the Dougherty County jail without bond.

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