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Grand jury recommends higher pay for cops


The Dougherty County Grand Jury is recommending that city and county officials hire more police officers and code enforcement officers and increase their pay to keep them on the job.

The Grand Jurors say their service was an eye opener, especially concerning gang crime in Albany.

In their presentments they recommended pay raises for all law enforcement officers in the county, starting with the uniform patrol officers. 

"We need to try and keep the trained officers here, so that we can keep them here,"said Foreman Diane McCall.  "And try and keep the crime down in the area, rather than to lose the money that we put into the training of officers and then they go somewhere else to get higher pay. "

The jurors also recommended hiring more gang unit officers and having them work in middle schools to prevent gang recruitment there and hiring more code enforcement officers to rid the city of dilapidated buildings.

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