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Colquitt EMC warns of scam


Colquitt EMC employees are warning their customers to watch out for scammers posing as employees to collect payments and account information over the phone.

For the past two weeks imposters have been telling customers that their bills are past due and if they don't pay up, their services will be discontinued.

"The cutoff date is listed on the bill and they are required to pay that money before they cutoff date. If they don't by the cutoff date we do send a representative out to the home to either leave a note or disconnect the power," said Joni Fox.

Joni Fox doesn't know how scammers got members' numbers or who the scammers are. Colquitt EMC says they'll never ask for payments over the phone. They want you to alert EMC if you think something is wrong.         

"Luckily that have hung up and called, which we urge our customers to do. If you're unsure of the identity of the caller to please hang up and call Colquitt EMC, said Joni Fox.

Colquitt EMC provides services in seven counties and they're unsure how many people are affected.

The last reported scam call was Friday. So far, no customers have fallen for the scam, but they still need to be on the lookout.

"Some of them that are unsure and worried that it's gonna be disconnected and want to avoid that. They are calling to make sure their account is paid up," said Joni Fox.

Members can call themselves to pay for services over the phone.  They can also pay on the Colquitt EMC website, but the utility will never call and ask for a phone payment.


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