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More Albany teachers are in trouble

Interim Superintendent David Mosely Interim Superintendent David Mosely

One Dougherty County School System teacher resigned after being suspended and another is on suspension. Interim Superintendent David Mosely has suspended four educators in the last two weeks. He says he wants to send a strong message to encourage teachers to straighten up for the students and for the image of the Dougherty County school system.

Robert Copeland, a teacher at Albany Early College, was suspended Monday until the end of the year without pay, but has since resigned. Interim Superintendent David Mosely says Copeland was accused of not following instructions, grading reporting errors, and inflating grades.

At the end of last week, Bryan Haas, a science teacher and assistant soccer coach at Westover High School was also suspended.

"Unfortunately it was another staff person that chose to act inappropriately," said Dr. Mosely. "And I thought we had sent the message out that we continue to send that we're not going to tolerate poor behavior from our employees. And if you choose to misbehave you must be willing to pay the price that goes with that."

Mosely says this was Haas' second offense. He is suspended for seven days without pay.

"There were issues mentioned to me from the principal. Inappropriate comments to students, disrespect, failing to follow directions from the principal."

While Haas still has a job, incidents like this could have an impact on whether these educators will get their contracts renewed for next year. "very well could be, not necessarily so. But it's the call from the principal and if the principal says they don't need to come, then we'll support it."

Tommy Coleman, the Dougherty County school system attorney says all certified employees must be notified about whether they will have a contract by May 15th. If a teacher has received four contracts they have tenure, and if they're not renewed, they have a right to a hearing.

"The idea of tenure and the rights given to them under the fair dismissal act requires a great deal of thought about who you're going to non-renew and who you're not," Coleman said.

Mosely says he will give the board his recommendations on non-renewals at the next board meeting. The board will ultimately decide on non-renewals. The next board meeting is May 13th at 6:00 pm.


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