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Police need help identifying man in credit card fraud case


Ray City and Cook County Investigators are asking for the public's help to identify a man in a credit card fraud case.

They say the man is victimizing a soldier overseas, using his credit card to make purchases at Dollar Generals.

He appears to be in his early to mid 20's and speaks with some type of accent. He's wanted for stealing $2,500 from a solider stationed in Italy. On April 11th he used a credit card in Philadelphia native Daniel Hill's name at the Ray City Dollar General, 35 minutes later he used the same card at the Adel Dollar General.

"He would go in a buy a little bit of candy or gum and then he would take a put $500 on a Vanilla Sky pre-paid Visa card; got out of line, got back in line, bought a couple more pieces of gum and put another $500 on a Vanilla Visa pre-paid card," said Ray City Police Chief, Roy Bamburg.

The maximum amount of cash you can put on of these cards is $500. Investigators believe the man tried to get as much cash as possible before the credit card company notified Hill of suspicious activity.

"He was upset, like everybody who is a victim of this they don't understand how their credit card could be used when they still have their credit card them self," said Cook Co. Sheriff's Investigator, Sgt. Freelon Gay.

"We've got multiple victims now; we've got the store, the bank that issued the card, but most importantly we've got a man who is defending our country he is risking his life overseas in the Army to protect us while we have people here stealing his money," said Chief Bamburg.

And since this incident all Dollar Generals in this district now require photo ID to be shown with all credit card purchases.

Investigators believe the man hacked in to one of Hill's online accounts to receive a duplicate credit card.

If you think you know who this man is, Ray City investigators ask you to call them at 229-455-4921.

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