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Home invaders pistol whip T'ville man


Thomasville resident Jasper Walker told Thomasville Police that when he answered a knock on his door Monday, a man hit him in the head with a pistol butt.

Jasper tried to grab the attacker as his brother Alphonso saw the man strike Jasper a second time, and then a second assailant showed up on the porch.

The criminals didn't take anything, but ran away from the house to what appeared to be a  surplus police car, and sped away. Thomasville Police are looking for clues.

Here is the police report filed by officer Donna Langston--

On Monday, April 29, 2013, I was dispatched to 118 Hadley Street in reference to a burglary already. I was dispatched at 1739 hours and I arrived on scene at 1748 hours. Upon my arrival I learned the following.

The victim, Jasper Walker, was sleeping when he heard a knock on his front door. Jasper went to the front door and opened the door. Immediately after opening the door, Jasper was quickly struck in the forehead with the butt end of a pistol by a black male.

Jasper then bear hugged the suspect and a scuffle began. The suspect then struck Jasper again in the head with the pistol. After the second strike, Jasper fell to the ground just inside the door of his home. Just before the second strike, Jasper`s brother, Alphonso Walker came into the hallway and saw the incident.

Both Alphonso and Jasper stated the suspect then pointed the gun at Jasper while he was lying on the floor. The suspect then charged the gun in an intimidating manner and pointed again at Jasper saying "stay on the ground."

Alphonso just stood there as well fearing for his own life. Along with the gunman was another unknown black male who I will call suspect #2. Suspect #2 stood to the right of the gunman and watched the entire incident without saying anything.

Alphonso said suspect #2 looked scared. After the gunman told Jasper to stay on the ground, he backed out of the house, got into a light blue Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor model and traveled south on Hadley Street. Alphonso said once the vehicle made it to Varnedoe Street, the vehicle took a left onto Varnedoe Street, traveling towards Fletcher Street.

Jasper said the gun was a small framed, chrome, semi auto style pistol. Jasper said the gunman was wearing dark colored pants and shirt and he had clean cut styled hair. Jasper and Alphonso both said the two suspects looked to be in their late teens or early twenties.

 I notified Watch Commander Lt. Donna Langston of the incident and she in turn notified the Criminal Investigations Division as well as Crime Scene Technician Lisa Maxwell. Maxwell arrived on scene shortly after and processed the scene for evidence.

Jasper sustained a half inch cut on the center of his forehead and a large bump on the left side of his forehead.

Detective Ponder was notified of the incident and responded to the scene. 


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