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Special Report: Too many Facebook Games?


Facebook has worked itself into many areas of our lives. We use it for work talking to friends and now, play. Over a billion users all over the world can sign on for puzzles and different worlds in games.

But if you aren't a gamer can having a notification box full of requests be a nuisance?

Games like Farmville and Words with Friends recently swept Facebook giving millions of users another way to connect with people all over the world.

"I think there's a little bit of everything on facebook for everybody," said Facebook gamer Donna Case. And now hat little red notification box could be full of requests for Candy Crush saga or to ask for a brick to help build a city.

"Facebook for me is primarily how to keep up with people but the games are kind of, they're kind of a release," said Case. But too many of those requests can become a little too much for some users. Even for one frequent Facebook gamer.

Donna Case says seeing too many requests from games she doesn't play. Can sometimes be a little irritating. "I don't like to request just because I think it's an interruption in facebook," said Case as she scrolls through notifications. "I don't want to see 'so and so needs a duck.'"

Even though she knows the feeling, she says she still spends a couple of hours a day playing the games she likes. And can occasionally slip up with the requests herself.

 "Occasionally I forget to hit that little check and I feel guilty, cause I know somebody is going to look at that and say I don't want to see it," said Case.

And now these Social media games aren't just limited to your computer screen; you can now access them on your mobile device, taking your online farms and puzzles everywhere you go.

 That means more time for Facebook game players, possibly causing a distraction at work or in other daily activities. And more pesky requests for friends, but Case says there's one simple solution. "Just block 'em. I mean, it's a little bit of a hassle but it's not that big of a deal."

Her friend Gail Flemming lives just down the street. And likes to play social games against Case on her laptop, kindle, and phone. But Flemming says it's never a distraction.and the requests don't bother her much at all.

"I get a lot, l but I just don't play a lot of them. I just don't do a lot of the games. I mean I get a lot of requests, and like this one, I've got 28 requests and I just don't go to it all the time," Flemming says.

She says her favorites are games like solitaire and simply ignores all the requests from popular games like criminal case. or Chefville.

"Delete them. Just, you know, ignore them. If I'm not interested, a lot of the time it will just sit over there and just never get answered," Flemming says. If ignoring them isn't the answer they can be blocked or hidden. By the quick tap of the mouse. "Now if they ever change that, we're in trouble because there are a lot of games on facebook," said Case.

Daunting notifications or not, they both say the games and Facebook itself have been a great and fun way to keep up with current friends... and reconnect with ones from their past. According to Facebook, the highest rated and most used game on the website is Criminal Case with over 10 million players.

Close behind it is Texas Hold 'Em Poker and Marvel Avengers Alliance.


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