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Teen saves Sasser man from hog attack


A Sasser man is recovering and grateful to be alive after a wild hog attacked him on his farm.

He was saved by a quick-acting teenager who shot the hog to death in the middle of the attack.

"We were going back over there to look at it and people we're gathering around and all of a sudden he managed to get the door open and got out," said Bill Cobb.

Cobb was trapping hogs on his Randolph County farm after the wild animals kept wrecking havoc on his property.

After seeing the 200 pound hog get loose and attack Cobb, 17-year-old James Register grabbed a shotgun and took care of the problem.

"The first thing I thought of was where's Bill, so I turned around and I saw the hog on Bill attacking him. I knew I had to kill him, but I had to stay back because if I didn't and shot I would have killed bill," said Register.

"I remember, as I was fighting that hog off when he was top of me, I saw the gun go over the top of my head and stuck the gun to the heart of that hog and pulled the trigger," said Cobb.

Before dying, the hog took several chunks out of both of Cobb's legs which required stitches and staples.

He says the attack could have been a lot worse.

"God is good. He protected me the whole time. The ambulance driver said he came close to my artery and I would have bled to death in seven minutes if he got it," said Cobb.

Now to show his gratitude, Cobb says he's planning on getting Register a gift of a lifetime.

"I told him he was my hero. That boy saved my life. He won't ever have to worry about buying another hunting or fishing license for the rest of his life because as soon as I'm able I'm going to get him a lifetime license," said Cobb.

Register doesn't consider himself a hero. He says it was just the right thing to do and he was at the right place at the right time.

Even more good news for Cobb, the hog was tested for rabies and the results came back negative, so he won't have to take rabies shots.

Cobb is expected to make a full recovery and not have any lasting effects from the attack.


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