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Pet overpopulation leads to half off adoptions in T'ville


If you've been thinking about getting a new dog or cat, now is a great time to do it.

The Thomas County Humane Society is severely overcrowded, so the shelter is offering half-price adoptions for the next week.

Dogs. Cats. Hundreds of furry friends just waiting to find a new home.

"For whatever reason, spring, full moon, what have you, we have just had an abundance of animals. Animal Control is bringing them in right and left running at large. And public drop-offs are at record numbers," said Executive Director Ed Williams.

Humane Society officials say they are doing everything they can to see these pets walk out the door.

To help alleviate the overpopulation, the shelter is offering adoptions at half off the regular price.

"Our adoption fee is already only $100. It includes your spay/neuter, your vaccinations, your microchips, heartworm test. There is going to be no loss of service. So you're still getting $100 worth of services to the animal for only $50," said Williams.

The capacity problem does coincide with the annual Rose Festival and Bark in the Park.

"We will also have shelter animals out there. Especially dogs. Some that we've had for many many months. We'll have them available for adoption," said Williams.

And shelter officials say there are ways for the community to help curb the overpopulation problem.

"The SNIP Thomasville Program is still going strong here at the Humane Society. It's a year-round spay/neuter program. You have to come out and fill out an application. You can also download it off the same website," said Williams.

The discount adoptions will begin Saturday 4/27 and run through Saturday 5/4.

Folks can also bring their dogs to Bark in the Park Saturday morning at 11 at Paradise Park in Thomasville.

There will be competitions for prettiest eyes, prettiest coat, best trick, and an owner/dog look alike contest.

For more information and a real time animal inventory visit

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