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National Walk at Lunch Day promotes healthy living

Marie Durn, Walker Marie Durn, Walker
Chauncey Keith, Certified Athletic Trainer Chauncey Keith, Certified Athletic Trainer

Taking a few minutes out of each day for a quick walk could improve your health and add years to your life.

Tuesday, workers across the nation were encouraged to get outside during their lunch breaks for some simple exercise as part of National Walk at Lunch Day. The goal is to decrease costs in healthcare for employers and employees.

Simply putting one foot in front of the other could save your life. That's because any form of exercise, even taking a walk, contributes to your physical well being and acts as a stress reliever.

Staying active boosts feel-good endorphins, something one South Georgia woman experienced during a long overdue stroll.

"Well, right now I feel good. Before I started I was feeling sluggish...didn't feel like doing anything. So I said I'll get out and walk, and I feel good," said Marie Durn, Walker.

Taking 20-to-30 minutes just to get outside for a walk will not only reduce your stress, but it will also greatly improve your health. Studies have shown walking reduces hypertension and high blood pressure. It also fights diabetes, and can even help alleviate aches and pains.

"Just being active is going to help out with those joints and it kind of helps keeps the joints lubricated. Arthritis kind of limits your mobility and limits what you can do," said Chauncey Keith, Certified Athletic Trainer. "But the more you move around, the more that you do, the better the arthritis gets."

Keith said one of the greatest things about walking is its simplicity.

"It's very easy on your joints, so you don't have to worry about the pounding that a lot of runners tend to develop. And anybody can do it. And if you happen to walk outside, that's good on good days…and when the weather's inclement, you can always just go to a mall," he said.

Whether walking indoors or outdoors, the main point is staying active. Experts say walking can be a great segue into a healthier lifestyle.

Sedentary habits have contributed to the growing obesity epidemic and rising health care costs.

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