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Meth Lab Busts on the increase

ADDU Commander Major Bill Berry ADDU Commander Major Bill Berry

 Drug agents are concerned by the increase in meth lab busts they've seen recently in South Georgia. They found four meth labs in Lee and Dougherty Counties in the last two and a half weeks. 

Drug agents say they can't be sure if this surge in the number of meth labs being discovered means there has been a big increase in their numbers, or if their law enforcement tactics are just working. But they are concerned those meth labs pose a danger to the public.

Drug agents say they are concerned because they are finding these meth labs in more populated areas. "At motels. In the back of vehicles. In garages or sheds. In a neighborhood. In a populated neighborhood. Also, not out in very rural areas," said ADDU Commander Major Bill Berry.

In Lee County in the last two weeks meth labs were found in a shed next to a home in a neighborhood, and in a car stopped in a road block. In Dougherty County two meth labs were found on the same day at a motel and in a car. container cooks. One pot cook. Stove top method."

These simple formulas use flammable solvents like camp stove fuel, ether, acetones, and are highly volatile. Drug agents say they think more people are figuring out these formulas to make their own meth, and reduce their chance of getting caught.

 "You've got your product there. You don't have to worry about who you bought from and all that. That is if you don't screw up and blow up," Berry said.

Drug agents say the skyrocketing price of illegal prescription pills could be one reason for he increase in popularity of meth and even heroin in South Georgia. But they say more active meth labs being operated by addicts in cars or in neighborhoods increases the danger to people close to those labs.

Berry says the easiest way people can spot a meth lab is the smell. It puts off a very strong acid smell. Also the trash of coke bottles, or lithium batteries cut up. They urge you if you see such activities, to contact law enforcement.

Major Berry said many Georgia drug task forces from Brunswick to Macon are reporting the same increase in meth labs as they see less crack and cocaine.


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