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Federal funds begin to flow back to DCSS


Federal money is slowly being released back to the Dougherty County school system after the state froze millions of dollars because of improper oversight and spending. As school officials prepare for their state financial audit, they'll be getting a little more help.

Interim superintendent Dr David Mosely is confident the Dougherty County school system will perform well during their upcoming state financial audit.

"I think now we've turned a corner and beginning to get back into good graces. We got a really good report in Atlanta on Tuesday regarding some of our funds that they're about to release that have been held up. So I think some people are beginning to believe in us," Mosely said.

In December board members met with state officials in Atlanta where they put the school system on high risk status and froze $20 million worth of federal funds. State officials said that money was not spent according to Title One guidelines.

Since then the school system has been paying back hundreds of thousands of dollars and now more funds will be released.

"We think we're taking the steps to improve the process so that those questions that were raised before won't be raised again," said Finance Director Ken Dyer.

One of those steps was bringing in additional help. Dr. Kim Ezekiel began working part-time as the Title I program specialist earlier this month. And during Wednesday's school board meeting board members approved the hiring of another part time consultant to assist in overseeing federal funds.

"I think it's very important because we are going to need a team working together in order to help Dougherty County meet compliance," said Ezekiel. " There are a lot of requirements when it comes to Title I, part A and part-time, you just can't get the job done."

The upcoming audit is routine and usually done every three years, but because of recent financial problems the Dougherty County school system is reviewed every year. State officials will be in Dougherty County May 2nd and 3rd to conduct the audit.


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