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Florida crooks break into Cordele cars

This type of device is used to shatter car windows This type of device is used to shatter car windows
There are several cameras There are several cameras
The crimes happened in this parking lot The crimes happened in this parking lot
Surveillance picture Surveillance picture

 Crisp County investigators are working to catch some Interstate identity thieves who are targeting their victims by breaking into their cars.

The thieves worked quickly to break into vehicles at a recreation department complex Saturday night. Surveillance video outside the Crisp Youth Sports Complex shows a Buick Enclave pulling in the parking lot around 10:30 Saturday night.

The empty cars belong to parents of members of a traveling softball team and some are about to become targets of a pair of traveling thieves after credit cards and checks.

"These guys originate out of Florida. They're pretty well known. Typically, they're nicknamed the "Felony Lane gang," said Crisp County Sheriff's Sgt. FC Ben Bray.

In less than 20 minutes the thief maneuvers his vehicle through the parking lot. It's well lit and people are walking around.

"He would pull in between two parked cars. If he saw something of interest like valuables or pocketbooks. He would break the glass out and reach in and take the items out of the car," said Bray.

The suspects in the ball park break-ins are not your average car burglars like those who go from vehicle to vehicle searching for an unlocked door. In this case they used what's called a window punch to smash the glass without making much noise and by passing an alarm. They take what they want and then take off.

"In this case they went to Florida and started using the cards," said Bray. "We're working with Florida law enforcement to try and get information from them and we've got requests in now from Bank of America to obtain video from the ATM's where the cards were used."

One thing that will aid in the investigation is the surveillance video from the parking lot of nearby businesses. Investigators say regardless of how far away the crooks are hiding, they're doing everything they can to bring them back to Crisp County to answer to those they stole from.

Sheriff's deputies spent much of Sunday searching the interstate for evidence the thieves may have tossed out. They tracked the stolen cards to Ft. Pierce and Plantation, Florida and hope to identify the burglars, believed to be a man and woman, soon.

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