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Americus Boston Marathoner receives honor

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Charlene Pennymon is back in Americus after achieving her lifelong dream- completing the Boston Marathon.

She visited her friends and supporters at Phoebe Sumter Medical Center and was welcomed with warm smiles and open arms. She not only finished 26.2 miles, but she became a part of history as two bombs exploded near the finish line. 

"The lord just kept our timing just right. I finished in time, got over the line in time. My husband wasn't too far up to be in the middle of all the devastation. I'm just thankful," said Pennymon.

She crossed the finish line in just under four hours, and minutes ahead of the explosions.   "I was at that point to get my blanket and that's when we heard the first explosion. Some of us were walking away and we looked back and we're like, what is that and we just thought it might of been some type of festivities. Because it was Patriot's day, it was their holiday. And so with the number of people that showed up to enjoy that activity, we didn't think anything more about it. But then the second one went off and we knew something was wrong."

Pennymon says she didn't realize the seriousness of the incident, until she talked to her husband who was at the finish line and witnessed the chaos unfold.  "He heard the first bombing and they just all took off running.  He said people were running and people were just jumping and falling over tables just trying to get out of the way and stampeding almost."

They both made it out uninjured. Pennymon is planning on running in next year's Boston Marathon.

Phoebe Sumter Medical center held a luncheon to congratulate and honor Pennymon.

"She participates in all of our events and she's a good friend, not only of mine but a lot of people at the hospital. We would of had it anyway, but the fact that they did have the tragedy there, it just made it more special," said Marcus Johnson the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Phoebe Sumter Medical Center.

Charlene Pennymon says the recent tragedy is not going to stop her from doing what she loves to do.  "If you don't continue to do what you love to do, then the terrorist, or these people, whoever they are, they win. And you don't want that.  You want to continue with your life, just be more aware of your surroundings."

Charlene Pennymon will also be the keynote speaker for Phoebe Sumter's 4th Annual Women's Health Conference on Saturday, May 18th.


An Americus woman who completed the Boston marathon just before the bombs went off is being honored today. 

Phoebe Sumter Medical Center is holding a luncheon to honor Charlene Pennymon, an Americus native and bank executive.  Pennymon finished the Boston marathon in just under four hours and before the tragedy unfolded.

Pennymon says she is honored to be recognized at the luncheon and just thankful that she and her husband were not injured in the bombings. 

This was Pennymon's first Boston marathon and she says it hopefully won't be the last. 

We'll hear from Pennymon about her experience and today's luncheon tonight on WALB. 


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