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Tifton roadways safer with shared lane markings


Tifton is taking extra precautions to keep drivers and cyclists safe with some new road markings.

The Tift Area Greenway Association in Tifton has made a way for both bike riders and cyclists to share the road together. It's all part of a project to promote safer roads.

Motorists will see something different as they drive down some streets in Tifton. These marking are at a loop of four roads; Rainwater, Davis, Carpenter and Moore Highway. The markings look like a person riding a bicycle with two arrows above it. Whenever you see one, watch your surroundings.

"It means that cyclists could be on the road and for motorist to watch out and be aware that they could be on that road," said Sharon Petzel, President of Tift Area Greenway Association.

Sharon says some roads like Rainwater Road, is used as a cut though road. There are residential homes and businesses on the street, with cyclists using it as a way to get to work.

"Actually that's why we picked one of the particular roads because there have been some incidents where some crash data showed that this was a place that this was needed," said Sharon Petzel.

The Tift Area Greenway Association received a grant from Georgia Bikes to paint the shared lane markings. Sharon Petzel is an avid cyclist. She says the shared marking have been well received.

"The people who are cycling say "Oh wow, look at the marking on the road," but I did hear one person say what does it mean and they saw them, but they didn't know what it meant. They assumed it meant something with cycling because of the cyclist silhouette. But they didn't know," said Sharon Petzel.

The Greenway Association hopes to do more projects like this in the city.

"We want this to be extended throughout the city and into the county if possible. We're seeing people on 20th Street, Central and lots of areas where folks are on their bikes to get to work or to the grocery store and even for exercise as well," said Sharon Petzel.

Under Georgia law, bicycles are considered vehicles and they're expected to follow the same rules as motorists.

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