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Chechnya, land of violence

Brandon Brock teaches World History Teacher at Lee County High Brandon Brock teaches World History Teacher at Lee County High

We're now learning more about the brothers tied to the Boston Marathon Bombings. Although we don't know the clear motive behind the attacks, we do know the suspects had ties to a Russian region in Chechnya, which also has ties to Al Qaeda.

Terrorism is much more wide spread than most folks realize, and not confined to Iraq or Afghanistan....

"Terrorism is everywhere, it's everywhere, even Ireland has a history of political violence and terrorism," said Brandon Brock, who teaches World History Teacher at Lee County High .

Today, folks woke up to a flood of new information on the men suspected of carrying out the explosions at the Boston Marathon. One of the men had been killed in an early morning shootout with police and the other is still on the run. At this point we don't know the motivation behind the Boston attacks, but we do know the brothers have ties to a Russian region in Chechnya.

"Chechnya is an Islamic region of Russia even though they are governed by Russia," Brock said. "Chechnya wants independence, they've always wanted independence. Russia will not allow them independence."

Brock says Russia has been fighting their own war on terror with Chechnya.   "When you put a lot of different kinds of people with different types of religions different languages different wants and different needs all in one relatively small area like the caucuses where Chechnya is you're going to have problems. It's just the way it is."

Chechen Terrorist groups have carried out a number of large scale attacks in Russia. "Terrorist towards the U.S. from Chechnya terrorist groups it's not the norm by any means."

But it turns out Chechnya has ties to Al Quade, The Taliban and Osama Bin Laden.  "If there are ties to Al-Qaeda.then they are pretty organized."

And often times, smaller groups target symbols for exposure. "They may have been looking for a Russian runner or from what I understand one of the guys went to school there so they may have just found whatever target they could to get exposure, because that's what they want-- Exposure."

Although the definition of terrorism remains unclear, Brock says this is what we will see from now on. "We may not see the wars like we see in history class but these are going to be the events we have to deal with forever possibly."

Brock says he plans to ask some students to define terrorism in a future class assignment.

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