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South Georgia reacts to Watertown shooting, Boston bombing suspects


After waking up to the news of the Watertown shooting with one Boston Marathon bombing suspect killed and the other at large, Albany folks are saying they're left scared, confused and searching for justice.

"Makes me feel unsafe. but at the same time you've got to have some faith in law enforcement. I feel like they'll get to the bottom of it. but at the same time we have to do our part," said Michael Thomas, Albany resident.

"I really hope they catch him because I need to feel secure again,"Said Ajah Green, Albany resident.

In light of the tragedy at the marathon, Texas plant explosion and this mornings events in Watertown, residents say the can't imagine what they would do if it happened in their hometown.

They're saddened by all the lives lost but after hearing of 8-year-old Martin Richards death in the Boston Marathon bombing, they just hope no more children's lives are put in danger.

"It's a child that's being killed. It's just, how can they do that?," Green said. "That is hard for me to wrap my mind around, honestly. And it's like I just pray for the families of these kids because I can only imagine how hard that is for these families,"said Green.

"You have people that just come to so something fun and it turns into a tragedy," said Thomas.

After everything they've seen this week, they're sure law enforcement is doing a great job in tracking down anyone responsible and they just hope this all gets put to rest soon.

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