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APD trains for hand-to-hand combat


Albany Police say they don't ever want to fight anyone, but they know most cops on the streets will be forced to occasionally, so they train to make sure they win without getting hurt. 

Officers trained on the latest techniques to keep them safe if they are forced to fight while making arrests. The cops welcome the training which they say could keep them from getting hurt.

At the Civic Center, cops worked on defensive tactics, training to keep from being injured if they have to get physical on the streets.

"We really don't want to have to put our hands on anyone at anytime. But unfortunately there are times we have to come into situations where we have to secure someone," said Deputy Chief Donald Frost.

So a training officer from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick came to Albany today to go over self defense and arrest techniques.

"It's repetition," said Detective Tim Harvey. "This is stuff we have to practice to keep. That way when we use it on the streets, it automatically kicks in. Your training kicks in."

A number of women officers took part in the defense training. Some of them are on the Gang Unit, going into some of the toughest parts of the city. This training helps boost their confidence.

"It helps a lot," said Gang Unit Investigator Janell Herring. "Because things are changing. Crime is getting worse, so it helps to stay on top of our game. So we can protect ourselves and be safe out here for the community."

Cops say unfortunately in their line of work they have to be ready to protect themselves.

"It's something we've all been through. We don't want to have to fight anybody on the streets, but we have to protect the city," Harvey said.

And they want to make sure they win those fights if it comes down to blows. The officers say this kind of training not only gives them confidence, but also teaches them their abilities in a fight so they can be in control of the situation.

Albany Police say they hope to make this kind of training an annual event for all their officers.


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